I’ve got your back, Black!!


For most part of my teenage years I have followed the strict dresscode of a solid T-shirt and jeans.Why? Because I thought it was cool ! And adding to my Mum’s distress that black and grey were the coolest colours. You see my mother has a strong belief that though all colours are nice and great but when you are young (at least) yoh should experiment with colours. Try that sunshine yellow or that electric pink she used to go on…..

But when I saw this promt at breakfast this morning, a childhood memory flashed before my eyes.When we were kids we used to do this in our art class, we’d fill a blank page with different colours everywere using plastic crayons and then we would run a black oil pastel/wax crayon over it all. We would then scratch different shapes and write stuff using a used up refill and Magic!!! Everything would become colourful with a striking contrast against the black. It’s a simple trick but it made us feel like magicians…..

I am thinking maybe I should do that little art project again and show it to my mum. Maybe she’ll be convinced by its magic.Maybe she’ll agree with my theory that black is not a lack of color, it is a magic potion that consists of many beautiful colours at their saturation…..

Till I buy the required supplies though, I’ll keep preaching my theory without the demo.Don’t worry black, I’ve got your back!! šŸ˜‰


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